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Ιούλιος 2018

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 Shiro Soyokaze court members

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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 10
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 19/06/2013

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Shiro Soyokaze court members   Δευ Αυγ 05, 2013 4:55 pm

Τα παρακάτω αφορούν μερικά απο τα βασικά πρόσωπα της αυλής του Shiro Soyokaze. Η αυλή περιέχει 17 αυλικους καθώς και τα μέλη των οικογενειών τους. Ανάμεσα τους συγκαταλέγονται και απεσταλμένοι απο τις υπόλοιπες οικογένειες του Scorpion clan και για τους οποίους θα δοθούν πληροφορίες ένα ευθέτω χρόνο.

Shiro Soyokaze court members

Yogo Rayoku, the Little She-Frog, Karo (head consultant) of Soyokaze

Little are known about the past of this, delicate and seemingly frail samurai-ko (female samurai). She was one of the main instigators of the Tobugama coup and she had responsibility of the planning and execution of it. She has Tobugama's absolute trust due to her excellent administrative skills and has given her total authority over the Shiro. She has no relatives within Beiden and has kept all court members at a distant, maintaining the mystery around her character and history. Speculations ravage among being an ex imperial concubine to being a spirit kami protecting the Tobugama lineage.

Rayoku's interests, while not administrating the Shiro, are creating Origami and paintings, themed around the Shiro's cherry tree gardens. She usually dresses in the dark red silks usually found in Scorpion lands and keeps her dark hair in an elaborate top knot. The mon of a small frog stands at her heart. The mon has not yet being identified by the heralds of Shiro Soyokaze.

Yogo Orore the mountain, Taisha of Shiro's guard.

Orore is a returned spirit who chose to become mortal again. In his previous life he was one of the shugenja responsible for the protection and care of the Black Scrolls in Shiro Yogo. He was dishonorably executed for failing to protect the chamber that the Scrolls were kept from a shadowland force who entered the Shiro by treason. Although the Scrolls were returned in safety, Orore and his family were treated as scapegoats and were ordered to die by submersion in boiled water.

He aimlessly wandered the grey stone halls of Meido for many centuries, as a lost spirit unable to forgive himself until he was founded by Tobugama. Tobugama managed to revive in Orore his lost sense of Honor and also his shattered trust to the Family. From that time on Orore has become the most loyal subject of Tobugama.

Orore acts as the long hand of Tobugama. He is cynical, ruthless and vicious and all these included in a bloated by fat, two meters tall body. The tortures he committed to those who chose to stand against Tobugama's return, socked the Scorpion courts and send a clear message to all of those who had doubts about kneeling in front of Tobugama.

Dishan, Jijukann (Chamberlain) of Shiro Soyokaze

Tobugama's virtue of meritocracy cannot be demonstrated more than in the face of Dishan. Dishan is one of the few literate members of the heimin caste. His previous merchant experience, his extensive knowledge of the Beiden's people and social quirks as well as his patience (a heimin's greatest tool when dealing with samurais) and great intellect made him the most suitable candidate for the Jijukann position. Dishan is responsible for all the nuisance details that are vital for keeping the court fed, dressed and entertain. Dishan is also responsible for the finances of Shiro and although all commissions pass through Rayoko's examination first, Dishan is the first to evaluate the merchants who approach the Shiro.

Dishan is at his fourth decade of his life and in contrast to the rest of his people is healthy and free from deformities.

Yogo Daino of the Gokato family, Hatamoto of Kagoki.

Daino is member of the powerful Gokato family. The Gokato has been responsible for centuries for the rice fields around the town of Kagoki who provide 1/2 of the Yogo rice production. Kagoki flourished as a trade center during their administration and the Yogo Estates were built during that period.

Daino is a young and inexperienced samurai and the last of the Gokato since the family chose to oppose Tobugama during the coup and was exterminated by Orore. Daino chose to side with Tobugama in order to save his family legacy and fortune. Tobugama spared him his life because killing him would make Gokato's family fortune pass to Tobugama and that would make him appear like a thief and usurper.

Daino does his best to lead the remnants of his family and appears to follow unquestionably his new daimyo. Rayoko's has a close eye on him fearing retribution and vengeance.

Yogo Chiyo of the Aidoki family, Hatamoto of Beiden, a.k.a the Old Goat.

Chiyo's family holdings are situated on top of the low mountain ranges of the Spine of the World Mountain. Their land is harsh and rocky with little areas that can be cultivated and populated by stiff necked, mountaineers. The samurai of the Aidoki family are deeply connected to the mountain and claim to have mountain kami essence in their blood.

Chiyo is capricious, secretive and pride as the mountain she dwells. During the Clan Wars she sold to the highest bidder her families extensive knowledge of the mountain passages ignoring loyalties and honor. She managed to avoid the Scorpion exile to the Burning lands hiding her samurai relatives in the caves and survived on smuggling and banditry. After the fall of the pass and Beiden's decline the Aidoki retreated higher on the mountain avoiding magistrate examination and further imperial persecution.

During the recent coup,Tobugama had to chose between spending considerable forces and time hunting the family on the cliffs and forests or bribing them with wealth and titles. Thus Chiyo gained the title of Beiden's Hatamoto and claims on Beiden's remaining trade routes.

Yogo Tiuan, Go master sensei.

Tiuan is considered as the greatest Go player ever to live in the Scorpion lands. Originally member of an unimportant Bayushi minor vassal family, Tiuan was discovered by Yogo Tobu, the previous Soyokaze daimyo, during his stay at Tiuan's tea house while he was traveling in Bayushi provinces. Tobu, already a skilled Go player, was fascinated by the young man great intellect and unique style of play and bribed his father into adopting him.

With Tobu's patronage, Tiuan travelled through Rokugan confronting the greatest Go sensei's and beating them all, earning thus the title of Great Master. Tobu used the prestige earned by Tiuan achievements in court, earning favors and allies.

Tiuan chose to remain loyal to Tobu and asked permission for sepukku. Tobugama, knowing that forcing to death the Grand Master of Go was not good for his political profile, offered a deal to Tiuan; he will permit him to honorably commit seppuku if he will teach Tobugama all he know about Go so as to beat him in an official match.

Yogo Motinori of the Heiko family , merchant patron, a.k.a the paper man.

The Heiko returned from their exile bringing with them the knowledge for a new type of paper made by bamboo. This new paper is more durable, can be colored easier and has a natural pleasant aroma. Motinori's family has built a fortune on trading this bamboo paper.

They monopolize the paper trade in Scorpion lands and have gained many customers in central Rokugan. Their next endeavor is to promote this new paper in imperial courts. Their greatest rivals are the Yazuki cartels, the Daidoji trading council and the thousand years Rokugan tradition that insists on rice paper during official correspondence.

Motinori, the current head of the family,  sided with Tobugama during the coup keeping his business safe and is the main benefactor behind the Yogo Estates renovations. His family trade also include wood and opium, either for medicinal or illicit use.
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Shiro Soyokaze court members
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