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Σεπτέμβριος 2018

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 Η κατάσταση των Clans μετά και το τέλος του Spirit War.

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Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 10
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 19/06/2013

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Η κατάσταση των Clans μετά και το τέλος του Spirit War.   Κυρ Ιουν 23, 2013 1:50 pm

Τα παρακάτω αποτελούν κοινή γνώση για όλους τους ενεργούς πολιτικά samurai της αυτοκρατορίας. Καλό θα ήταν οι παίκτες να τους ρίξουν μία ματιά για να γνωρίζουν σε τι κατάσταση βρίσκονται οι αντίπαλοι και ανταγωνιστές τους. Στις παρακάτω πληροφορίες δεν συμπεριλαμβάνονται προφανώς και η μυστική ατζέντα που η κάθε οικογένεια ακολουθεί καθώς και πληροφορίες των αυτοκρατορικών οικογενειών, Seppun. Otoma και Miya.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες-ερωτήσεις στις κατ ιδίαν συναντήσεις.

State of the Clans at the end of the Spirit War


Champion: Hida O-Ushi, daughter of Hida Kisada.

- They try to reconcile for their actions and the unholy alliance with the Shadowlands.
- Hida Yakamo, brother of O-Ushi and previous champion has been elevated into godhood boosting Crabs moral.
-Kuni family is weak and viewed with suspicion due to its champion, Kuni Yori, corruption.
-O-Ushi has turned Crab’s focus on rebuilding and maintaining the Carpenter’s Wall.
-Shiro (Castle) Hiruma of the Hiruma family has been taken back.
- Their neutrality during the Spirit War kept their military strong and their armies organized and in battle readiness.

Champion: Doji Kurohito, son of Doji Kuwanan.
-Divided during the Spirit War and in open civil war. Kakita Kurohito, daimyo of the Kakita clan and sensei of the Kakita artisan school, managed to stop the clan from dissolving.
-Devastated by the Clan war and the civil war. Their military is weak, their economy has suffered greatly and have lost the absolute power they once held in the empire’s court.
-They are in hostile terms with the Mantis clan.

Champion: Togashi Hoshi, the half mortal son of Kami Togashi.
-Hoshi kept his clan out of the Spirit War trying to heal the clan after twenty years of war and the tyrannical leadership of Mirumoto Hitomi.
-Daimyo of the Agasha, Agasha Tamori, allied with the spirits trying to take revenge against the members of his family that deserted and joined the Phoenix during Hitomi’s reign.
-Hoshi remains an aloof and distant champion. The actual leadership of the clan has passed to his son Satsu and the daimyo of the Mirumoto family, Mirumoto Uso.
-The mad prophet Kokujin has left the Togashi family divided.
-Tamori family was created as an act of reconciliation on behalf of Toturi I.


Champion: Matsu “The Butcher” Nimuro. Named the Butcher due to his savagery in battle and absence of pity and remorse to his enemies.
-Remained loyal to Toturi.
-The clan has lost almost half of its fighting ability during the last 30 years.
-Akodo family has been recently reformed by Toturi’s decree. Its champion is Akodo Ginawa, close friend and excellent general of Toturi’s ronin army.
-The Ikoma libraries, the official historical archives of the empire were burnt during the Clan War.
-Kitsu family shocked and weak by the corruption of its daimyo and Jade champion, Kitsu Okura.

Champion: Yoritomo Aramasu, adopted son of Yoritomo and Scorpion renegade.
-Joined Toturi I during the Spirit War
-The strongest economy of the empire and almost unscathed of its military conflicts.
-Struggling to prove themselves as equals of the Great Clans.
-In bitter terms with Phoenix, due to the campaign that Yoritomo did, trying to conquer their lands and holdings.
-They managed to absorb the Moshi and Tsurutsi minor clans, gaining a strong foothold in Rokugan’s mainland.

Champion: Shiba Tsukune
-Joined Hantei XVI initially but rebelled against him and passed to the mortal side.
-Their joined campaign with the Crane against the Lion and the disasters that Yoritomo caused in their homelands have left the Phoenix countryside deserted so badly that they can no longer be considered Great Clan.
-Yoritomo destroyed Kyuden (palace) Isawa.
-Seeking alliances in order to survive.


Champion: Bayushi Yojiro, the Honest Scorpion.
-Joined Toturi I, but their forces remained largely uncommitted.
-Managed to discover and initially counter attack Hantei XVI machinations.
-Good relations with the Lion clan secure their safety.
-Although they were disbanded twice during the last thirty years, they have gained political power and strength in courts by capitalizing the shame of the other clans (when they were falsely accused for the kidnap of Toturi I) and the campaign that Yojiro did against the spirit rebels.
-Trying to rebuild their economy and trade networks. A serious loss is the control of Ryoko Owari to the Unicorn clan.

Champion: The Great Khan, Moto Gaheris. Due to Gaheri’s advanced age, leadership has passed to his nephew, Moto Chagatai.
-Divided during the Spirit War
-The Shinjo family lost clan leadership to the Moto family after their high ranking members were found corrupt by the Kami Shinjo.
 -Despite their wars against the Lion, the purification of Shinjo and the civil war that Hantei XVI caused, their economy and armies remain in good shape. They also control the Scorpion city of Ryoko Owari, a major trade center of all Rokugan.
-Their campaigns to protect the common men and peasants, contrary to the other clan’s attitude towards the inferior casts, have brought excellent reputation to the clan and are regarded as heroes of Rokugan.
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Επισκόπηση του προφίλ των χρηστών
Η κατάσταση των Clans μετά και το τέλος του Spirit War.
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